Roberta Vernaglia, in art Art_Missy is born in Turin in 1986. From childhood she develops a particular love towards the camera. With 14 years she begins to study photographic technique seriously, enroling at the training school "Paravia-Bodoni", where she graduates with full marks in 2005 as a "technician of photographic image".
She wins a scholarship which permits her to study in Grenoble (France) for 3 months, where besides her studies she realizes her first photographic exhibition. In 2006 the artist lives and works in London (England) for nearly a year, completing a master's degree in Digital Photography. Her first show in Grenoble has been just the beginning of a series of exhibitions.
At her return from London she carried out various photographic exhibitions in Turin, Milan and other Piedmonts and Lombardic provinces earning great success, but the apex of its visibility achieved by exposing for a month at the Crypt Gallery to London (March 2011). After the English happened one, in the september of the same year, she comes invited to expose to the Communal Art Gallery of Trieste where for an other month, it still collects approvals. In 2012, among all exposures should be noted in particular the exhibition in September for the event "Artists KM Zero" Department of Culture of Nichelino and from 31st October for three months Art_Missy exposed to MIAAO of Turin (International Museum of Applied Arts Today) where he received a lot of positive feedback. Winner of various photographic competitions and involved in some short films, Art_Missy in the last 12 years develops a particular interest for photography in movement and double expositions, and subsequently, after the advent of digital photography, she specializes definitively in spiritualistic photography. Actually, the major part of her works are influenced by this particularity.